Thursday, February 17, 2011

White vs. Ivory

When I ordered the linen sheers for my bedroom (a must since my neighbors family room window over looks our bedroom window), I selected ivory thinking that white was going to be too harsh.  And then I brought my curtains home and hung them up and YUCK!  It is subtle in the images, but in person it was unbearable. The ivory looked so dirty and yellow, I just couldn't stand it.  I was agitated every time I walked into my room. So much for a peaceful nights sleep!  My husband still doesn't quite understand it, but the ivory linen sheers had to go and white ones were ordered ASAP!

Here are the ivory sheers:

Ivory compared to my new white bedding:

And here are the white sheers:  Ahhhh so much better!

This all goes back to the bottom line -you must compare colors to one another.  In one instance the colors will look fine, but add another element or color, or different lighting, and it can throw things totally off whack.

If anyone needs 3 ivory linen sheers, email me - I'm anxious to get them out of my house!

And now I can get some rest in my serene bedroom :) 

Sweet dreams!


  1. I hear you. I ordered a rug that was suppose to be white and black but turned out more greige and black. The Partner was like "no biggie" but I couldn't even walk into the room.

  2. Oh, it can be hard for husbands to live with our designer ways!! ;-) Maybe we should have put that in the vows ...

  3. Isn't that terrible!!?? UGH! I have returned more 'stuff' to get the color right. It just goes to show you MUST compare colors and see them in your own space!!!!

  4. I'm finally ordering curtains for all the windows in my apartment for the first time (well, technically 2nd but the first ones were drab brown blackout curtains I got for like 90% off and more utilitarian than anything) and you just saved me from picking ivory over white. This tiny apartment is old and yellow as it is, so hopefully the white will brighten things up. Thanks!