Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year in Review!

Year in Review....

2015 was such as an incredible year for us at Bryant Park Designs!  We couldn't resist taking the opportunity to reflect, review and remember - and to give thanks to our clients, friends, and community for all of their support in helping us make 2015 our best year ever!

In addition to our continued client work in the Greater Boston area, in March we enjoyed carrying out a 1960s design theme for an annual fundraising event for the Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence.  

We loved working on something so trippy and fun, for such an incredible foundation.  

At some point over the summer, we quietly launched our etsy shop The Market by BPD, and have been shipping our vintage finds to buyers across the country...

In August, we were thrilled to have a project featured so prominently in the Boston Globe!

It had been an amazing project to work on, with the loveliest of clients.  We loved taking her home from this....

to this....

to this....

to finally this...

and this...

and this!

Just a month later, we were highlighted yet again in the Boston Globe's "A Room to Love" feature.  Can you believe this room in Becky's house went from this (taken when the previous owners resided there)...

to this????

Here's the other side of the room, before...

and after....

In October, we were asked by the Women of Winchester to give an interactive design presentation to local women business leaders, and others!  It was soooo much fun to work on!

Kudos to all of the fun ladies who were game for our timed bookshelf designing contest!

We had such a ball working on the event, we almost forgot our lease had just begun on our new downtown studio space!  

Our super seemed to love it the way it was, but you can tell from the pensive look on Becky's face that we knew some painting and BPD TLC were in order, so we got to work...

And December brought the usual craziness - more client work, and hosting and presenting at various holiday functions!

And we SO enjoyed seeing some of the homes we've worked on showcased on holiday house tours in Medford and Winchester!

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us this past year, including Michael Lee, Dot Butler, Kim Miles, Annie Baker and most especially our wonderful CLIENTS!  We're so excited for the wonderful projects we have lined up for January and early 2016!

Come visit us in person  at our Main Street studio...

or online at Bryant Park Designs

Happy New Year!
Becky and Deb

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Imagine my surprise, when recently traveling in Norway, to open my email to this!!  A recent Bryant Park Designs project highlighted in the Address "Room to Love" feature of The Boston Sunday Globe.

We knew Eileen Woods was writing the article but had no idea how prominent the feature would be!  Here is the original photograph by Michael J. Lee.  Truth be told, this is the front room in Deb's home and we couldn't be happier to have our work recognized and featured!

You can read the entire article here including sources for the fabrics, furniture and art!

Thank you to the Boston Globe, and photographer Michael Lee, for featuring our work twice since our inception (see our first feature here).  When we started Bryant Park Designs four years ago, we had no idea how it would take off, and are nothing but grateful for all the support.

Becky and Deb

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Current Obsession: Elephant Art & Room Inspiration

I am totally obsessed with Elephant Art.

I first saw this image in Boston Common magazine and thought it was simply charming and would make an awesome focal point for my 4 year old's "big boy" room. 

As I quickly scanned the article I thought I read that it was actually painted by an elephant and then I thought it best to put down the glass of chardonnay and go to bed.
Turns out I don't need to put down the chardonnay after all :)

This was actually painted by an elephant on paper made from elephant dung. Ick!  After I got over that, I went to the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project website and read that this program was started in Thailand to help keep elephants minds active in captivity.  

I love this one with the smiley face on the bum!
The caretakers noticed that the elephants would often pick-up a stick and doodle in the dirt and decided to take it a step further and retro fit paint brushes to be held with their trunks. 

I am hoping this painting with the "sold" stamp has been bought by my hubby, for here is the room I would design around it!

Fascinating!  The exhibit "Beyond Human: Artist-Animal Collaborations" will be at the Peabody Essex Museum beginning October 19. The profits from the sale of these paintings go to help care for these elephants.


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Boston Design Home 2013!

When I heard this year's Boston Design Home was 33,000+ square feet, I almost fell off my chair. Can you imagine 33K+ of awesome design - room upon room upon room of ocean inspired color combinations, new fabrics and textiles, the best furniture, accessories  - oh the list goes on and on!  Of course, upon reading I realized that this is a brand new, ocean front condo building in Swapscott and the show house is in one of the much more manageable 3K square foot units.

Stunning image courtesy of Michael J. Lee who photographed the show house.  You can read more about his process on his blog.

 Can you imagine waking up to this every morning?
The house is open until October 7th with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the Boston Children's Hospital. So go!! You get to see great design and donate to a great cause.

And if you go - report back! We'd love to hear from you!


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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Antidote to a Rainy Day: Christian Chaize

It is a gray day here in the Boston area.  The nights are cool and there is a distinct, crisp, fall feeling in the air.  I long for the recently past summer days spent on the beach! Thankfully we have the antidote!  Take a look at these stunning beach photographs of Christian Chaize:
These incredible works of art are the result of eight years of visiting the same beach in Portugal.  Mr. Chaize returned over and over again to the same vantage point to capture the changing tides, light, weather and people. The photographs are incredible and are so versatile - they would be great in numerous settings. Here are some of my favorites!

 Not limited to beach scenes, Mr. Chaize also did a Moon study!  Simply stunning. Hop over to Mr. Chaize website to see the complete collection.
Hope this helps get you through a rainy Monday!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Still Trending: Honeycomb

If you've checking out the latest issue of Lonny Magazine, you might have stopped in your tracks at these stunning honeycomb chairs, featured in the Paris hotel La Maison Champs Elysees, designed by Belgian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.  Just love these!

Kartel is in on the honeycomb chair game too, on a much smaller scale...

Z Gallerie has some fun and affordable honeycomb pieces, including this candle sconce...

Kronus Sconce, $69.95

and this striking disc vase...

Kronus Vase, $129.95

In terms of affordability and design, nothing can beat this hand-painted glassware set from West Elm!  I think these are stunning - too bad my dining room's done in silvers, not golds.

While Z Gallerie does offer a similar set in silver, somehow they're just not as elegant...

Lastly, Horchow features these distinct ceramic vases, modeled on the honeycomb pattern...

"NoCal" Honeycomb Vases, starting at $28.90

We'll be spending time with our families next week for the kids' school break, but will be back the next week with more fun design inspiration!

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