Thursday, October 10, 2013

Current Obsession: Elephant Art & Room Inspiration

I am totally obsessed with Elephant Art.

I first saw this image in Boston Common magazine and thought it was simply charming and would make an awesome focal point for my 4 year old's "big boy" room. 

As I quickly scanned the article I thought I read that it was actually painted by an elephant and then I thought it best to put down the glass of chardonnay and go to bed.
Turns out I don't need to put down the chardonnay after all :)

This was actually painted by an elephant on paper made from elephant dung. Ick!  After I got over that, I went to the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project website and read that this program was started in Thailand to help keep elephants minds active in captivity.  

I love this one with the smiley face on the bum!
The caretakers noticed that the elephants would often pick-up a stick and doodle in the dirt and decided to take it a step further and retro fit paint brushes to be held with their trunks. 

I am hoping this painting with the "sold" stamp has been bought by my hubby, for here is the room I would design around it!

Fascinating!  The exhibit "Beyond Human: Artist-Animal Collaborations" will be at the Peabody Essex Museum beginning October 19. The profits from the sale of these paintings go to help care for these elephants.


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  1. Love the design idea :) Just got a new apartment and I'm excited about decorating but I don't know where to start. Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count fitted sheet or bedroom style inspiration, thanks!