Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy, Happy Orange!!

Somehow I am obsessed with color this week. I just wrote about white and now orange?!?  Yep, all in a weeks work!!

Maria Killam the expert colorist who writes the blog "Colour Me Happy" is currently at the Color Marketing Group Conference (yes there really is such a thing!) in San Antonio Texas. She recently reported that this shade of orange is IT for 2012.

No more whimpy orange or burnt tuscan orange, but a bright, crisp, fresh orange. And I personally LOVE it.  On the color scale, orange equals happiness. And boy does this shade make me smile.  Here are some rooms that are using a similar shade:

 (By the way, do you see what I see in the reflection of the mirror? Yep the Elkins chair :) )

Not ready to do an entire room in orange? How about some accent pieces?
Happy Orange Accent Pieces

Smile! It's a happy day :)


  1. orange is the best color out there, well IMO. Its warm, fully saturated, so happy and bright and it just makes people smile! I love it!!

  2. Lovely theme. Every colour has its own beauty, it depends on the onlooker which color suits him/her the best. Orange is really a happy color. I love the energy it brings, neither too bright nor too dull. Just perfect to show happiness and glea. I also liked the orange furniture's you showed. But after all I will go with the white. They are very much me !!!