Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Helene Forbes Hennie

Today I am blogging to you live from Oslo where I have had the unexpected pleasure of learning about a local, award winning "Interior Architect" by the name of Helene Forbes Hennie. She has done all of the "best" homes in Oslo, including several local celebrities.  (I think she has also done a family friend's century-old Norwegian Sea Captain's home, but more on that later!)

I learned about Helene Hennie from my cousin Jannicke Tamberstuen.  She is a wonderful carpenter and pulled out a book to show us some of the pieces she has made.  Well wouldn't you know it: she pulled out a coffee table book the size of a dictionary (remember those!) titled: HENNIE.  It is a picture book of the work of Helene Forbes Hennie and Jannicke has had the distinct pleasure of creating some of Hennie's custom furniture designs.  My jaw literally dropped to the floor. Hennie's style is clean, polished and completely pulled together, but warm, approachable and inviting.  I adore her style.

Here are some images of Hennie Interiors from Slettvolls, Elle Interior and Willow Decor:

And after further research, I realize one of my favorite blogs: Willow Decor has also done a piece on Hennie.

And if you are lucky enough to live in Norway, Hennie has designed furniture that is produced and sold through Slettvolls.

Skål! (Cheers!)

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  1. Hello! I too love Helene Forbes Hennie and am so excited as I have purchased Hennie Interiors through a norwegian book seller to be shipped to me here in the US! How wonderful that your cousin has been able to produce some of the designs! I really love the clean, crisp interiors and the contrast of dark and light. Wonderful!