Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Room - Update!

I realized I haven't shown you how my own family room has been coming along. It seems to be moving at a snails pace - much to my husbands chagrin - but hey...paying clients come first!  But he is right, so I called my most trusted adviser over - Deb - to come over and kick my butt into high gear.

The foundation is firmly in place.  We have the three area rugs, couch, end tables, lamps, and lighting.  And are now at the point of pulling it all together. I think sometimes people forget that design is a process with multiple layers. It's not about just buying new furniture! 

I cannot get enough of my new West Elm rug. Yep, you don't need to spend a fortune to make a statement!  And you know how I feel about chevron, and more chevron, and yep, even more chevron!

With two little kids, we want this room to be "family friendly", yet still have a bit of a WOW factor.  A great place to do that in furnishings that are out of reach like this pendant from Circa.

Here are the main textiles:


There are big plans in the works for these chairs....

I love the way this quatrefoil sconce reflects light at the end of the day!

Stay tuned for more updates as the work progresses!

:) Becky
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  1. Looks beautiful! Love the fabrics & can't wait to see more.