Friday, April 6, 2012

Women Helping Women Project Runway Recap!!!

Becky finally revealed her dress last night at Project Runway!

Can you guess what it's made of?

Nearly 500 hand-sewn Benjamin Moore paint chips (and a few feathers here and there)!!!

Here's the plan (inspired by Mary McDonald's chevron floors we blogged about yesterday), as she presented it to the board a few months ago.

Some early shots... 

Little did she know the hours of paint-chip sewing that lay ahead!

Layering books to try to get the paint chips to lay straight!

And here's Becky's husband, with his critical but supportive eye (and stylin' PJ bottoms)...

The big night.... wow that's a long runway, with 57 tables and over 600 women in attendance!

The eight designers provided a diverse array of fabulous outfits, constructed out of everything from political campaign buttons to duct tape to playing cards to LED lights to recycled milk containers... literally!

photos by Kristen Fitzgerald via The Winchesterette

Here we are with the event's fabulous and gorgeous organizer Dot Butler, who's wearing not a design from the evening, but just an average piece from her closet (literally her entire closet looks this, I kid you not).

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, or just Happy Weekend!
Becky and Deb

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  1. Wow, I just discovered your blog through a Pin and love what I've seen while looking around, but have to say I'm blown away by the paint chip dress ... there's so many paint chip projects on the blog but this is wholly new and creative, takes the use to an entirely different level, and for a good cause too. Bravo. I totally pinned this! Just added you to my Google Reader, I can't find a Follower button or I'd click that too.


  2. Your dress is amazing, I totally think best dress of the photos I saw too- love it!!

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.