Monday, April 9, 2012

Paint Chip Projects

This image of eggs painted to look like Pantone paint chips got me to thinking that maybe Becky's not the only one out there obsessed with the "off label" uses of paint chips!

This paint chip mural is kind of fun...

especially as used inside the molding in this otherwise drab dining room...

These paint chip inspired moving announcements are adorable!  I mean, when else are you as likely to be obsessed with picking paint colors?

via Etsy seller Chrissy Watson

Etsy seller Laylalous Studio has got it goin' on with the most adorable paint chip paper girl garlands, and origami paint chip butterflies as well!  Love!

Speaking of garlands, I wish I had thought to make an Easter egg garland (though at this point I don't think Becky nor I can walk in a Benjamin Moore store undisguised ever again)...

Same concept, but for 4th of July - brilliant!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Another twist to the designs. I admire all the works done.