Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gentleman Farmer...

...and I mean that in the best way possible!!  It seems like in the past few years there has been a shift back to basics when it comes to food consumption.  Whole Foods posts gains year after year, CSAs are gaining in popularity, and local farmers markets are on the rise.  Most recently, I have had several people ask about creating and planting a family vegetable garden.  Now, I might remind you that we live mere miles outside of Boston. We are not talking the mid-west here folks!!!

Even Deb's throwing her hat in the grow-your-own-food ring via a collaboration with Green City Growers, Everything Old is New (Age) Again Blog, and WinCam (more on that later!).

So when I saw the new Williams Sonoma catalog with the back cover featuring their new "agrarian" line, I was thrilled. In fact the last ten pages were dedicated to this new line which features everything you would need to create a garden, harvest food from it and preserve it.  Check out some of the amazing pieces from their new line!

Looks like it is time to get dirty!!!

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