Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blues and Greens in the Kitchen

My ebay kitchen chairs have finally gotten the boot.  The kids' fighting over who has to sit in the "surprise" chair (the surprise being falling through the seat bottom on to your arse) has gotten too much.  Enter the set of six Lillian August chairs my mom procured from her church rummage sale, perfect save the upholstery of the seat cushion.

So, I'm on the prowl for some new fabric, with this painting in my kitchen as the inspiration for hue:

This photo sums up the range of hues I'm looking for...

It's actually been a lot easier to find fashion accessories in these colors, than fabric!

Aqua and Green by Bryant Park Designs

Earrings by Dara Ettinger
Clothing by J.Crew
IPhone Cover by Kate Spade
Shoes by Jessica Bennett
Bracelet from Artfire 

Here's what I've got so far in the fabric department...

What do you think?

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