Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nine By Design on Bravo: Are You Watching?

Have you been watching Nine By Design on Bravo, the latest reality design series?  The show follows Cortney and Bob Novogratz and their seven children as they design, renovate and decorate various amazing spaces, for themselves and others.  The Novogratzs are quite a force, and I bow down to anyone who braves not one but two sets of twins in addition to the challenging projects you'll see on Nine By Design. 

For the purpose of this blog post, I'll categorize images of the Novogratz's self-designed 6000 square foot West Side (NYC) spread into sections labelled Love, Like But Think Is Weird, and Dislike.  Check out Nine By Design tonight (Tuesday) at 10pm on Bravo, and let us know what you think!

Any space that can make an exersaucer look artful and interesting has me at hello.

Simply stunning.  That's a lot of baby gates!

I can never get enough nailhead trim.  White upholstrey + seven kids = bold indeed!

Love the detail on the antique canopy bed, and the two tone window treatments. 

This display just works, and I'm loving the bold graphic element of the 7, and the significance it holds for this family.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Having a basketball court in the apartment (!) almost makes it reasonable to have seven kids running around your place.  Almost, but not really.


Love the tri-tone window treatments, and the bold artwork.  But seriously, is that a bathtub?  I could fill that with coffee and finish it by 10am. 

Am digging the three bold petal lighting fixtures, but the colors and aesthetic of that doorway are sending off strong Dr. Seuss vibes.

The antique mirror paired with two very bold and modern chairs is fascinating.  It's growing on me, but I could never pull it off.  And most likely, neither could you.

The frenetic light fixture is just stressing me out.

Why?  No really, why?  The lighting is stunning though, all the better to illuminate, the Jaws-esque hideousness that is invading the bedroom like a fast-growing tumor.

What do you think?
Enjoy the show!

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