Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I *heart* London!

There are so many reasons to LOVE London.  The black London taxis, the red double decker buses, the red phone booths, the right hand drive, the slow pace of eating meals, the wine offered at lunch and dinner (can you tell I am traveling with small children?!?) I have been here several times and each time I grow more and more fond of this city of Brits.  I find the city so cosmopolitan and modern, yet steeply rooted in history and unparalled architecture.  And the gardens...have I mentioned the gardens?  OMG!!!  Public parks, walkways along the Thames, restaurants, shops and private homes all have wonderful gardens. It seems as if there is a "garden constable" checking to make sure they are all up to snuff!

Walking along the Thames:

Saint James Park:

Have you ever seen more gorgeous tulips in your life?!?

Walking around London:

County Hall:

Off to Oslo - will update you on my travels there soon!

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