Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lonny Magazine!

I am so loving the latest issue of the online shelter publication Lonny.  It is, quite simply, visually stunning.  I am slowly coming to terms with having to read this treasure online only, but I will say I would love a printed version.  I guess that makes me very "came of age in the 80s", but.... just sayin'.  Lonny is going a long way towards healing the hole left in my heart by Domino's closing.

My favorite spead this month features designer Elizabeth Bauer's flawlessly layered Gramercy Park studio:

Love the brown and orange in Atlanta designer (and Pieces owner) Lee Kleinhelter's revamp of the Sovereign model condo:

Beachy cool for designer Bunny Williams' Sea Island retreat:

Loving the lighting fixtures in the next two shots.  I saw a similar wooden beaded chandelier at Lee Joffa recently and it was splurge-worthy for sure.  The fixture in the second photo?  Ikea! 

The good 'ole Tilt a Whirt chair I blogged about here:

Thrilled to see our friend and sponsor Decorator Tag Sale featured in this issue!  But don't try to buy that Hermes tray table - it's happily ensconced in my sitting room!

You must visit Lonny here to enjoy the whole issue!

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