Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Street Walkin'

I don't normally do this. But I am finding it so hard to resist. Don't tell anybody!!  I have recently become a HUGE fan of walkin' the streets looking for great stuff!  I am starting slowly and mainly finding cool things to hang on my walls...but I have a feeling this will continue to bigger and better things!

When we recently visited London, I bought these adorable etchings in Covent Gardens from a street vendor.  Turns out you can also purchase them online here, which kind of blows the fun of it all, but what the heck!  The artist is Dorothy Giffit and I think they are just fabulous! I just picked them up from the framer and hung them in my kitchen of all places.

And after living in and around NYC for years - literally all my life - I never bought any "art" from street vendors. That was just too cliche and touristy.  Well, guess what I did this past weekend?  Yep - went to NYC and bought not one, but three "sets" of "art" for our home.  I know!  What a tramp I am?!?!?

I just bought frames for these "antique" metal comic book covers and will hang them in our super hero loving son's room:

And I haven't quite figured out what to do with these, but for $5 and a couple extra for good bargaining skills, I just couldn't help myself!!!

Have you done any "street walkin'" lately?


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