Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hey Santa Don't Trip on My Cablebox: What to Do with your TV and its Components

I've noticed that virtually none of the glossy shelter magazines feature living rooms or family rooms with a TV prominently displayed.  Let's face it, big flat screens do not a pretty living space make.  And apparently if you put a TV in your bedroom it ruins your sex life, and if you put a TV in your living room, it ruins your decorating scheme.  What's a girl to do?

Currently, my flat screen sits prominently over the mantle.  Pathetically, this is what we've come up with for the cable box:

Clearly we need a better arrangement before December 24th so Santa can get my girls their presents on time without interfering with my capacity to TiVo 30 Rock. 

Check out these interesting options for T.V. subterfuge that have recently hit the market.

Mirror TV

And some other clever customized options I've come across:

What have you do done with your T.V.?

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