Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Know You Are in Norway When....

On our recent trip to Norway, I found some interesting things that you just don't see in the US that I wanted to share with you!

People dress-up to go to a Parade.  The 17th of May is Norway's independence day. And people either wear their National Costume or dress up, like 4-inch heels to go to the parade. Yes that's right. Unlike the Forth of July celebrations, there are no daisy dukes and flip flops here. (Though I did spy several folks walking around with wine glasses :) )

You are given a blanket to smoke outside.

Russ Bus.  Say What?  When the senior class graduates from high school, celebrations abound, which in and of itself is not an unusual concept. Except the tradition in Oslo is that everyone wears red overalls (no I am not kidding) and parties on buses that drive around blasting music like a disco on wheels.  It is a sight to see.  I especially like the speakers strapped to the roof of the bus and the flags on the port-a-potties in the second photo!!

The garden design matches the purpose of the building.  Can you see the treble clef created out of pansies in the garden of the National Theater?

The "puppy parking" is as posh as the floating bar is!

People actually use alternate forms of transportation:

And even the garbage cans are stylish!

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