Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creating a Serene Country French Bedroom

I am afraid to show photos of my current bedroom as it is a total design disaster.  We have two 11 year old dressers and a matching cedar chest that we originally bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for a grand total of $250, a hand-me-down country looking bed with a giant yellow sun flower, and various mismatched pieces.  I am not sure if I have just finally worn my husband down or if he finally agrees, but I have the green light to go ahead and redo our bedroom, and I have been dreaming ever since.

Here are some bedroom images that inspire me:

Recently I was reading the design blog Willow Decor and found this image that I can't get out of my head!  The French Grain Sacks as pillows are fantastic!

I am loving the neutral linen colors with pale blue, the simple unfussy lines mixed with antiques and the crisp white linens.  Oh yes!

Here is a sneak peek of the items I am mulling over to create my own serene, romantic escape!

The color that is currently on the walls, which I am going to keep, is Apprentice by C2 a wonderful paint that is made with 16 European pigments (rather than the usual 12) that creates colors with luminosity, depth and superior hiding power. (Not to mention that you can buy a 18" x 24" poster sized paint chip so you are sure to select the right color!)

I have been ogling these Danish antique pieces for about two years now....I just need to find the right ones at the right price. Here is an Armoire from The Country Gallery:

I am contemplating linen curtains - perhaps the same Barbara Barry Poetical by Kravet that Deb has used in her upper foyer or maybe a solid...oh the decisions that need to be made!

And of course French Grain Sacks.  The most beautiful ones I have found are from Etsy shop 3 Fine Grains...somebody please wipe the drool from my face....

Stay tuned for updates and photos!  And watch out shopping list is large!

Sweet Dreams!

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  1. These are great inspirations. That Elle Decor is nice but that mirror would make me nervous hanging on a tilt like that.

    Juliette Samuel