Monday, August 9, 2010

Glamping: And the Wilderness Suddenly Becomes More Appealing

So, have you heard of glamping?  According to the most recent issue of Southern Living, glamping, roughly translated, means 'camping glamourously'.  Who thought such a thing possible?  Certainly not I (insert shudder with recollection of 5th grade Girl Scout camping trip, no offense Mrs. Troop Leader My Mom).

But even I think I could give camping my best shot at The Martyn House in Ellijay, Georgia.  This spot, nestled in the forest north of Atlanta, features three luxury sleeping tents, each with its own private bath, bedroom, front porch - and don't forget, our good friends HEAT and ELECTRICITY.  Post a security guard outside my luxury tent door (hey, I lived in Manhattan for 10 years) and I am so ready to make this camping thing happen!

Co-founder of The Martyn House JoAnn Adams, along with Heather Antonelli, conceptualized Gypsy Faire Tents, an outdoor living collection inspired by their travels to India:

Have you slept anywhere interesting lately?


  1. Haha, I loved this post, I too am not a "roughing it" type, my mom told our Girl Scout Leader that it wouldn't be wise to make me go (they did take me) and promptly were sorry, haha, oh good memories. *Amy

  2. Loving these tents!!! What great materials color style and life!