Friday, August 6, 2010

Recap: Martha Stewart's Bloggers' Night Out!!!

I was thrilled to represent Living Livelier last night at Martha Stewart's Bloggers' Night Out in New York City!  Check out my pictures below, followed by my Bloggers Night Out By the Numbers recap!

Martha Stewart and home design expert Kevin Sharkey.

The duo as featured on the cover of the September home issue of Living.

Undergoing the individually applied fake eyelash project.

Not sure if this a before or after picture.  That can't be a good sign!

Kevin Sharkey playing on his ping pong table, which is featured in the September Living issue.

Trying my hand at ping pong with Martha Stewart Director of Audience Development Ross M. Weale Jr.

Catching up with my friend Olessa, Beauty Editor at Living and Deputy Editor of Beauty and Health at Whole Living.

Comparing sparkles with Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Fellow design bloggers and new friends Camila (High-Heeled Foot in the Door), Crissy (CoCoKelley contributor), and Kelly (High Street Market).

Martha's products for creating elegant faux finishes, coming to a Home Depot near you this Fall!

Loving this faux bois demonstration. 

Chefs from Everyday Food, responsible for perfecting the grilled s'more as featured in the current issue.

Goodies for your canines as featured by the folks from Martha's pet blog, the Daily Wag.

Pedaling this bike propels the blender affixed to the top of the wheel, so you can work off your margarita as you make it!

Some other eye-candy shots from the night...

and lastly...

Martha Stewart's Bloggers' Night Out By the Numbers
2 - number of days before the event that I made the guest list
7.5 - hours driven to and from NYC yesterday to attend Martha's Bloggers party
9 - number of hours spent in NYC yesterday
2.5 - number of hours spent at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia yesterday
50+ - number of individually applied fake eyelashes Martha's people affixed to my lids
70 - percentage of Martha's speech I missed while undergoing the eyelashes project
2 - games of ping pong played with Martha staffers
2 - number of consumed grilled Smores prepared by Everyday Food chefs
3 - number of new design blog friends
12 - number of times I almost approached Alexis Stewart for a photo, only to be intimidated by her total hotness
0 - number of times Martha's legal department approached me about using "Living" in my blog title
1 - number of times I drenched myself in gasoline while trying to refill my tank on my way home at 1am
1 - number of times I was drenched by my automatic sprinkler system engaging just as I approached my back door at shortly after 1am
1 - number of times I set off my house alarm upon coming home
0 - percent chance my husband opened his eyes to confront the gasoline-wreaking, sprinkler-system drenched, fake-eye lash wearing intruder

Many thanks to the folks at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for a fun and inspiring night out!


  1. Thanks for letting me vicariously live through you! What a fabulous evening! *Loved* the eyelashes by the way!

  2. Thanks Wenderly. You would have loved the food!

  3. I loved your post, Deb! I wish I lived closer to NYC, I miss out on a lot of invitations. You look great. xx

  4. Looks like such a great time, I'm so jealous of everyone who got to go :)

  5. Sorry I couldn't road trip with you...looks like a fab time! Next time. With Dramamine for all :-)

  6. HOW MUCH FUN!!!! I hope they do this I can go!