Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap: Zimmans

I decided to scrap my weekend trip to Brimfield, and keep my design shopping closer to home with a trip to the incomparable Zimmans in Lynn, MA.  If you're in New England, Zimmans is the place to go for fabric, trim, furniture, lighting and even upholstery services.

The selection is amazing, if a bit overwhelming:

I fell in love with this circus themed print.  For our reader who wrote looking for suggestions for decorating a bunk room shared by a girl and a boy, I think this print would make great curtains or duvet covers!

How cute is this ocean-themed print?  It's sophisticated and whimsical at the same time - perfect for a beach house, or a little boy's room.

I was shocked to see David Hicks' La Fiorentina offered at $19.95 a yard - an insane price:

The basement of the historical four story building that is Zimmans offers an incredibly diverse selection of trim, as well as remnants and discounted fabrics:

Here I am buying more Greek Key trim (I'm obsessed) to add to my master bedroom drapes.  It's available in several colors, and is much less expensive than if you buy online at MJ Trim or Lewis and Sheron.

I also found some perfect pink and orange pom trim to add to baby girl's chocolate velvet drapes:

A couple of hours and some fabric glue later, and we're in business:

And I had enough leftover to add some interest to her cheapo roller shade on the other side of the room:

If you visit Zimmans, don't limit yourself to fabric and trim!  Check out the second and third floors for an extensive selection of furniture and lighting - everything from antiques to stunning pieces by Oly Studio and Hickory Chair.

Did you find anything interesting this weekend?


  1. Ahhhhh, love Zimmans! When we were decorating our home, our decorator suggested drapery trim that cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $49 a yard. Robert put his foot down and put me in the car. We drove to Zimmans, et voila, gorgeous trim for somewhere more in the neighborhood of $4.99 a yard. I'm a believer.

  2. I need to get here, I've been dying to go forever now and its just time I make the trek out thre- LOVE that trim you got!

  3. Zimmans, spelled another way, "HAPPY MARRIAGE!" See my wife Carole's comment above on the great deals to be had. There is also Freddy Farkel's Fabric Outlet in Watertown that is worth a look too, but Zimmans is truly in a class by itself...

  4. What a great find! I'd never heard of Zimmans. Love the way your pom pom trim turned out.

  5. This is gorgeous! You've done a beautiful job choosing the trim! I'm going to Zimman's for the first time tomorrow! Thanks for getting me excited about the excursion!