Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Literary Decor

I had some reader inquiries this weekend to the "This Is London", "This Is Greece", "This Is New York" prints hanging over the mantle in my children's playroom, and where they could be purchased.

This was another Staples color copier project - each of these prints is the cover of a book.  I loved the colors and graphics of the illustrated covers, so I color copied the fronts, picked up some super cheap frames at Michaels, and had the whole vignette for less than $60.

You can check out the entire Miroslav Sasek series and covers here.

Kate Spade also uses framed book covers as part of her stunning gallery walls in her pop-up stores.  And check out the books stacked in the fireplace!

You can even dowload this montage of illustrated covers on the Kate Spade site by clicking here:

Have you ever thought of using a bar cart to display your book collection?  Love this idea...

If you're looking to use your favorite book or newspaper pages in a super unusual way, you could always try Mollie's newspaper taxidermy project:

via Design*Sponge

Or, have you ever considered using your book pages as a wreath, vase, or wallpaper?

And finally, check out Spineless Publishing to find your favorite classics printed in their entirety on one poster:

Have a great day!

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  1. I have This is San Francisco if you ever want to add to your collection ;). Beautiful photo of your playroom by the way...the light is lovely.