Friday, October 8, 2010

Shhhhhh....Secret Shopping Find!

This past weekend we finally made it up to Vermont to visit an antique Scandinavian furniture store that I have been cyber stalking for oh, about 2 years, called Country Gallery Antiques.  I adored everything on the site and somehow managed to narrow it down to a couple of pieces, but was hesitant to buy without seeing the goods in person. So we booked a room at an inn, hired a dog sitter, jumped in the SUV and headed up to Vermont for the night.  It was a wonderful excuse to get out of dodge and we enjoyed the trip immensely.  The only thing that slowed us down was a terrible rain storm and having to take a break so the little guys could nap!

Upon arrival, this is what we saw:  A charming barn (1 of 5, no less) filled to the rafters with antique Scandinavian furniture. 

We met the lovely owners Janet Fram & Børge Hermansen who bring over the antiques from their other home; Denmark.

 This is unpacking day at the farm!

Have a look at some of the pieces, which come from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and sometimes Finland.  Many of them have original painted finishes from the 1800's, while others are raw pine awaiting restoration and a coat of wax.

Here we are comparing the size of several sideboards and moving a small painted dresser to see its size relative to an armoire.

 A lovely painted cabinet in the main store:

 And finally, what do you think of the "art" on the grounds of the inn where we stayed?  (The small gold statues were about as tall as I am!)

Happy Autumn!

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