Thursday, October 7, 2010

5 Ways to Celebrate Autumn in Your Garden

For any gardener, fall is often a sad time to put all your plants to bed for the winter.  The fabulous colors of spring have faded into the heat of the summer, and the cool fall brings crisp air and crunchy leaves underfoot.  But it doesn't have to be sullen - here are some things you can do to ensure a lively fall now, and in perpetuity!

Plant spring bulbs now, but don't tell anyone in your family and see if they notice come April!

Deadhead and prune back appropriate plants to get them ready for winter.  Be sure to also fertilize, wrap your columnar shrubs (to prevent snow and ice from breaking the stems) and spray "Wilt Stop" on all of your broad-leaf evergreens (rhodies, azaleas & boxwood) to prevent moisture loss over the winter.

Plant mums, kale, cabbage and sedum.  Just go to the nursery now and buy plenty - everyone has them because they are the work horse of the fall garden, and look great under snow (if you happen to be unlucky enough to have snow before you've had a chance to pull them).

Decorate for Halloween  Just do it. It is fun and festive, and even if you don't have kids living at home, the neighborhood kids will think you're cool.  And how can you not smile at this crazy pumpkin complete with "hair"?

Invest and plant some trees and shrubs with fall interest like dogwoods, Japanese maples, viburnum, service berry, and winter berry.

And how about a lovely fall wreath like this one featured on Maison Decor?

Instead of mourning summer, let's celebrate autumn!


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  1. Love the pumpkin with hair!! Might have to copy that!