Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Virtual Holiday House Tour: Holiday Decorating on a Dime featuring Courtney Lake!

Courtney Lake from Courtney Out Loud has taken a slightly different twist on his holiday vignette. It was all done for under $25! Can you believe it?  Who would guess that a combination of Ikea, The Dollar Store and the Compost bin would wield this?!?!?  Take a look, it is amazing and proves that lovely does not have to cost a small fortune!

Courtney writes:

1) The entire console vignette was constructed from items found at the Dollar Store minus the lanterns which I found at Ikea.
2) The greenery is real and was found in our condo compost bin - it was trimmings from our neighbor's Christmas tree that I sprayed with a coating of white paint to simulate snow.
3) The whole vingette cost $25 to complete
4) The flowers in the vase are paperwhites I was trying to force but have yet to quite bloom (hence why I waited to the last minute - hoping for a Christmas "miracle").  The bulbs were $0.50 each at our hardware store and there are four in the vase.

Thanks for sharing Courtney!


  1. What a gorgeous little vignette! Isn't it amazing what can go into making something beautiful? And it's even better when the cost is a bargain! Great blog :)

  2. I love the juxtaposition of the darker lamps with white birds and shiny silver ornaments. Anything shiny says holidays!