Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Google Art Project: Inspirational & Accessible Art for All!

I like to think that I am pretty technologically savvy, but now and again something comes across my computer screen that just knocks my socks off.  And today it is "Google Art Project", which I found through a posting on Facebook from Anthology Magazine.  Google Art takes you INSIDE the halls of museums all over the world and lets you literally navigate or "walk" down the halls and through the galleries...

As designers we take our inspiration from many places, and sometimes a trip to the museum to see different styles of work, unusual color combinations or scale/proportion of masterful works of art can rejuvenate the coffers.  One of my favorite museums of all time is The Frick Collection (above) in NYC, so I started browsing there.  I love the intimate scale and the pieces (you can zoom in and see every brush stroke and the artist and viewing notes) are amazing.  I came across one of my all time favorite classical paintings: Fragonard's "The Progress of Love" and after reading "Abundance" have a much better understanding of the vixen, ehem, mistress of Louis XV Comtesse du Barry...Have a look!

Van Gogh's "Starry Night" from the MoMA

Jacques Louis David's "Bonaparte Crossing the Grand Saint-Bernard Pass 20 May 1800" Versailles

You can even see the famed "Temple of Dendur" at the Met....

Or Robert Adams' "Dining Room from Lansdowne House"

I just LOVE the fact that you can see works of art from all over the world without having to get on a plane (well I would love that too, but let's be realistic).  I also love the fact that you can easily share a piece through social media channels and see information about the work of art, artist, etc.  Simply brilliant.  These national treasures were meant to be shared with the world and finally they are.

In Awe...

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  1. Google's project really is unbelievable. What an undertaking ... but to bring art like that to everyone is just amazing!!