Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Trend from Elle Decor's Editor in Chief Michael Boodro

I recently went to the Boston Design Center to see Michael Boodro's, the Editor in Chief from Elle Decor, seminar on the "Digital Revolution".  Perhaps because I have been on the site too many times to count, I was less interested in the "tour" of their recently redesigned site and more interested in the trend that Michael Boodro commented on:  black rooms and even black soap.  Intriguing?!?  I had to have a look....

From Elle Decor:

 Some other examples from House Beautiful:

Some more stunners from Houzz:

 apartment therapy above and below

Tracy Murdock

On a recent wallpaper search, I found lots of options in black:

 Schumacher's Imperial Trellis

 Thibaut's Henson

 Thibaut's Mazu

And of course the aforementioned bewitching black soap!

What do you think, is this dramatically delightful or dreadful? 



  1. I love black, in any way I can get it. Love.

  2. I vote kind of dreadful! I love black clothes and black cars, but I would have a hard time living with black walls. A woman in our old apartment building had a black room and it looked tiny even though we had 14 foot ceilings. Doesn't work for me!