Monday, March 7, 2011

7 Tips to Creating an Outstanding Outdoor Room this Spring!

It is never too early to start thinking about spring! Perhaps it is the "warm" streak we are on (i.e. it has been above freezing and we haven't had a major snowstorm in two weeks), but I find my mind drifting to gardens and the wonderful rooms that can be created there.  Rest assured, Spring is only a few weeks away.  So here are a few tips for creating your outdoor room this spring!

1. Have fun and don't be afraid of color!

2. Decorative throw pillows are not just for inside your home! 

3. Neither are sheers or curtains! Decorate your outdoor room as you would any other room in your home.

4. Define your outdoor space a "roof" and "walls":

I love the clever use of trees in front of a wicker fence to give this patio "walls" and the umbrella to give it a "roof":

5. Hang a pendant light fixture to give your outdoor room an added layer of lighting.  I just love this photo - these people clearly know how to invite people in and entertain!  It is also a great example of dividing spaces with separate functional areas.  There is a very clear "dining" area and "seating" area.

6. Take inspiration from other cultures!  Have you recently traveled someplace fabulous?  Fold some of those precious memories into your daily life. 

7. Use greenery to soften hard walls and angles....this is a garden after all!

Bonus: Consider installing an outdoor fireplace which will enable you to use your outdoor room on even those crisp cool evenings.

Photos from Elle Decor and House Beautiful

Which is your favorite garden room?  Do you need help creating your outdoor space?  Contact us!


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  1. Love room number 3. I don't have a home, but I can dream can't I? I love the idea of being able to create a room outdoors. Love being outside in the spring and summer.