Friday, April 1, 2011

Le Royal Monceau

As I tried to distract myself from the snow that is falling outside my window by reading the New York Times Sunday Travel section, I stumbled across a wonderful article on Paris.  Yes, ladies and gents I said SNOW.  As if we haven't had enough this winter Mother Nature decided to taunt us with a spring snow shower.  But I digress.

The Travel section and I have a love/hate relationship because I love that I feel transported to the locations they report on... but I HATE it because they are so good I want to pack my bags immediately and go to all the far flung corners of the world on which they report.  And in this instance I mean like yesterday.   I have very fond memories of Paris, after all that is where my husband proposed. Yep, in the pouring rain, standing in a puddle, under an umbrella in the Tuileries Gardens. It did not take me long to say, "yes".
But the best reason to go back to Paris would be to stay at Le Royal Monceau.  This newly renovated 5-star hotel near the Arc de Triomphe, left me utterly speachless. Well, what do you expect when the genius at work behind it is none other than Phillipe Stark.  What I love best?  The rooms are meant to look slightly lived in so that when you are traveling far from home, you feel like you are staying in a home rather than an institutional hotel room.

Brilliant. Have a look. You won't believe your eyes.

*Sigh* A girl can dream!!!


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  1. To quote the inimitable Liz Lemon: "I want to go to there."