Monday, June 13, 2011

Flower to Chandelier: The Sputnik

Saturday marked a local spring/summer rite of passage I was so looking forward to - the first local Farmer's Market of the season!  Nevermind it was freezing and raining and generally miserable (for the three hours I manned a table for a special cause close to my heart).

I wondered a few tables over for a pick-me-up in the way of peonies - my absolute favorite flower ever.  For sale next to the peonies, a few striking green and purple flowers (Stars of Persia) caught my eye, and immediately reminded me of the Sputnik chandelier, and specifically the IKEA Maskros version.  (Is this a normal impression to have upon glancing at a flower?  Probably not!)  Reminded me that Mother Nature is the best designer of all....

The lights...
Ikea Maskros

Preceeding four images, 1st Dibs

 using IKEA's Maskros chandelier ($89.99!)

And look at how stunning when put to good use...

Hope you had a great weekend!

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