Friday, July 22, 2011


Much to the shock of everyone who knows me, I took my three small children camping in the New Hampshire woods last week, in the process confronting lifelong fears of the dark, the woods, ax-murderers who prowl the woods, and wildlife.

My favorite parts?  Stripping away all the toys and technology that sometimes seem to run my kids' lives (I have to ask my 6 years olds how to work my iPad), and watching them revel in catching frogs and caterpillars, chasing each other in the woods, and falling asleep snuggled up to me and each other in their sleeping bags.

Here you'll see a snapshot of the campsite shared by five little kids and two moms for a few days!  Livin' large...

Of course the site was exactly as it should be - safe, basic, clean, uncomfortable, bug-ridden and about exactly a mile from my parents 4 bedroom, insulated and comfortable lakefront home should I need an escape route.   

I didn't, and the site was perfect for what I wanted my kids to experience.  However, I couldn't help but swoon over these images from Country Living's round-up on "glamping" (glamorous camping) sites!

Dunton Hot Springs (CO)

Are you up for roughing it?  Where would you stay?

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