Wednesday, July 13, 2011

East Hampton's Arc House

I've been so intrigued by Bob Samsel and Tammy Marek's sleek East Hampton, NY "Arc House", featured recently in the Wall Street Journal.  This couple, so as not to overwhelm their neighbors by building an ostentatious monstrosity, chose to construct a home that, when viewed from the front, barely arches humbly from the ground.  However, more than 3,200 of the homes 6,400 square feet are built into the slope behind and to the side.  

According to architect Chris Rose, building trends like these fall under the label "perceived thrift" (kind of like paying hundreds of dollars for designer jeans with gaping holes).

Interestingly, on the inside the couple has chosen features and furniture that are almost entirely boxy - lots of hard angles that stand in stark contrast to the beautiful arc of the roof.

I can't be entirely sure from the photo, but I think over the dining table you'll see a variation on the Ochre Arctic Pear chandelier I blogged about here.

The driveway, with its wide-set cobblestones, has to be watered and mowed!

While the master bed and bath have plenty of natural light (and no window treatments - eeek!), several other spaces in the home are buried under ground entirely.

What do you think?

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