Friday, July 29, 2011

An Evening in White

Did you happen to see the article in the New York Times titled "How 10,000 People Keep a Secret?".  I am in awe!  It was started by François Pasquier in 1988 when he returned to Paris after a few years abroad and held a dinner party to reconnect with friends. So many wanted to come that he asked them to convene at the Bois de Boulogne and to dress in white, so they could find each other. 
 Year after year the party grew. The guests bring tables, chairs, linens, china, crystal, food and champagne. They find out that evening where to go and scurry to the meeting place (in this case the Louvre and the Notre Dame) and quickly set-up tables according to a master plan.  All of the men sit on one side of the table, the women across from them. They dine and feast until the bell rings which signals the start of dancing. They dance until midnight when they quickly and respectfully clean-up down to the last cigarette butt. 
They disperse as quickly as they came, leaving the landmark as pristine as when they arrived. Perhaps cleaner.  They know if they act out, leave debris or otherwise "misbehave" they will be blacklisted from "the list" and never be invited back again. Since this is essentially a private party and since you must know someone to come, the threat of being blacklisted keeps everyone in check.
There are plans in the works for this picnic in NYC on August 25. I am eagerly awaiting my invitation, but alas am not holding my breath.
Here are some inpsirational images should you wish to hold your own "Evening in White"....

Happy dining!

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