Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Martha's Vineyard, Farm Style

As I referenced yesterday, I'm fresh off a mellow five day escape to Martha's Vineyard.  Yes, mellow - despite vacationing with six kids age six and under, and sleeping in a haunted bedroom, according to the book Haunted Island", which devotes a whole chapter to our very bedroom as one of the most haunted spots on the island.  (Luckily I don't believe in ghosts, except in the middle of the dark night after reading this chapter, when I might believe in them just a little bit.)

Why so mellow?  We vacationed on one the most remote spots of the island, virtually devoid of traffic, commerce, tourists and cell/internet connectivity - one of the most beautiful spots you could possibly imagine.  

Browsing the latest issue of Elle Decor upon my return, I was interested to see the feature on restauranteur Keith McNally's Martha's Vineyard Farm. .  The renovated farm, also located in Chilmark, primarily features vintage flea market finds, and floors and furniture made of reclaimed pine.  

Interested in getting this look, affordably?  Check out our suggestions below, all taken from the very accessible Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Vineyard Farm Style

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