Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Suzani Love on Million Dollar Decorators

I thoroughly enjoyed Martyn Lawrence Bullard's speedy, "budget" (50K is low-budget in these circles!) redo of the Presidential Suite of the Colony Palms Hotel on last week's episode of Million Dollar Decorators.

I was especially taken with his use of framed vintage Suzani textiles in the living area of the suite, though I wonder if I'd get sick of looking at something like this (I keep thinking the Suzani trend must be on its way out soon!) every day.  So it's a good thing I'm only staying at the Colony Palms in Palm Springs for a few days not at all.

Here are some other images from Bullard's portfolio illustrating his use of Suzanis to create the look of a headboard - love this!

Bullard even created his own line of Suzani fabrics available here.

Bullard is not the only Million Dollar Decorator with an affinity for vintage Suzanis though!  Check out these images from fellow MDD star Nathan Turner's portfolio.  I love how the muted colors of these Suzanis take a bit of the sting out of the bold/large pattern...

And this settee reupholstered in an antique Suzani was listed on 1st Dibs by Turner.  I think it's to die for!

Have you noticed any other trends on Million Dollar Decorators or the other design shows this season?

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