Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kelly Hoppen to Design Digs for William & Kate!

Did you happen to catch the article that was quietly slipped into US Magazine dishing that Kelly Hoppen is going to design the new digs for Prince William and Kate?  (Yes, I do occasionally find time to peruse rags like Us and People...ahem...)  The report is that Kate has purchased air fresheners and candles from the famed Kelly Hoppen for the Kensington Palace cottage that she and her Prince are currently calling home to cover the musty and damp smell.  I'm with you Kate - do what you can to get rid of that centuries old ickiness!  The man of her dreams,  a fairy tale wedding, a royal title AND a fabulous designer to create her home...mere mortals can dream! 

But more importantly, here are some of my favorite images from the portfolio of Kelly Hoppen.  I can't wait to see what she does to create a royal nest!

If you are lucky enough to have experienced this British Airways First Class seat, you are already familiar with Ms. Hoppen's deisgns.

And if William and Kate need a refresh on the royal yacht... yep, Hoppen has done that too!

What do you think?  If you could pick any designer in the world to create your home, who would it be?


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  1. It's sad to see such a young vibrant couple (with a seemingly unlimited budget), select such a banal designer as Kelly Hoppen. Kelly's interiors exude high end,mass produced, vanilla hotel decor. To me they lack any history, character,originality or youthfulness. A very safe way to go I suppose (as was Kate's wedding dress).

    I would have loved to have seen Mary McDonald or any other designer, decorate with the joie de vivre this young couple deserve.

    My fear is that if The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's house ever gets published, this safe decorating style will become more popular.

    I wish them luck!
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