Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best of IKEA 2012

I confess... I'm typically not as big an IKEA fan as (seemingly) everybody else.  I find their collections to be generally a little too contemporary, bland, and cold for my liking.

But rather than just toss it in the recycling bin, I did flip through my new IKEA 2012 catalog (book?), and found some decent offerings!

My absolute favorite thing in the catalog?  This Trollsta tray table made from laquered solid birch, for just $99.  Love the spool legs - isn't it so not Ikea?

This low-pile Dagny rug for $399 features a transitional pattern that could work anywhere.  The subtleties of the colors don't translate well in the photo, but it's a nice buy.

Cowhide rugs are available everywhere, but certainly not for $199!

Who couldn't use a classic gold painted mirror with pearl detailing, especially when it's just $49.99?

Ikea's affordable collection of handwoven placemats and baskets offer a perfect opportunity to layer texture into your kitchen, mudroom, closet or.... whereever!

These Herrang glass candle bases would be so great in a creative grouping...

And these Yngaren bowls throw a Depression glass vibe at you for just $7.99 a pop!

Are you an IKEA fan?


  1. I love the mirror and the depression-glass items!!

  2. I like Ikea ok, although I much prefer to have quality furniture made out of real wood. But enjoy their space saving designs and I love to go in for a look. That rug is pretty fabulous!