Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Blue Lounge

My very shy (not really) husband turns 40 this month. After much debate, he finally acquiesced and said we could throw a party or rather that I could and that he would show up. Because he was too embarrassed/shy/whatever I decided to create a fun theme that would distract people from the fact that we were celebrating his birthday. I found this very sassy sign on eBay and voila a theme was born:

I hired a three piece jazz ensemble to set the tone for the party. Found a TON more 'vintage' signs with funny and suggestive sayings:

Next up? Food!! I ended up using two caterers that were out of this world (if I do say so myself!!!). Hostess catering served the savory food and my good friend Eunice Feller of Bread & Chocolate Bakery created the amazing cake and desserts.

So Saturday night "The Blue Lounge" opened in a tent in Deb's backyard. (Yeah - talking about going above and beyond!!! Thanks Deb!!) It was a fun night filled with new & old friends, locals and those that traveled great distances to be there to celebrate, jazzy music, tasty food and cold drinks. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family that helped make this the most memorable night. Here's a peek!


 And yet after 12+ years, he still makes me CRACK-UP!!!  Happy Birthday Love!

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