Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Stunning Room, Two Different Layouts (maybe)

I've had the following image earmarked in my blog file for months now, marked "awesome room".  I think I initially saw it on Pinterest, and was drawn to the strong navy and orange tones, the classic tulip table, and the interesting juxtaposition of hardwood floors and patterned marble tile.  And those sweet built-ins flanking the windows aren't hurting things, either.

Then yesterday, I came across this image, through The Estate of Thing's flikr photo stream...  

Hmmm - I'm thinking it's (obviously) the same room, shot most likely from the same angle, with a radically different layout.  I love the perspective this shot provides, with the fabulous Oly drum light, and the play of the tall vs. short chairs facing what is otherwise a flawlessly symmetrical design.

But there's an outside possibility that the second shot is the mirror image, but on the opposite side of the room as the first.  Wish I knew!  Anyone know the original source of these gorgeous shots?  I'd love to see the rest of the spread...



  1. I love all the green with the orange in the second photo!

  2. I don't think it is the opposite of the room but just next to it. In oherwords, turning to the right. You can see the side of the blue chair, flowers and round ottoman in both shots, but a an angle that looks like the pieces are still in their original places. Does that make sense? In any case, I love the room and everything in it.