Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wild for Snow Leaopard

While I've always been a fan of animal print in decor and dress, I'm super picky about just what animal, and just what print.  Generally, I think an animal print can move from cool and exotic to terribly cheesy real fast!  I've generally favored zebra print in decor, and have stayed away from leopard, which has felt over the top to me, somehow.

Then this popped into my inbox yesterday from J.Crew.  And I LOVE it!  

I then realized that while most leopard print is too much for me, I really love the abstract spots of the snow leopard.  

Several designers carry similar print fabric, including Kelly Wearstler, Quadrille and Brunshwig & Fils...
Mary McDonald went for broke in her use of the print in this living room.  (She never does anything halfway, though, and that's why we love her!)

Though I prefer a subtle pop here and there, I think...

I Suwannee

Looking for a quick fix?  You could pick up this adorable pillow, from Furbish Studio...

Or this IPhone cover from Kate Spade...

Have a great day!

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