Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hoofing It!

Have you come across Christian Louboutin's latest outrageous pair of pumps, the "Alex"?  I mean not in person, obviously, since only eight pair were made available in the United States.

Apparently, two of these eight pair went to Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively...

Candidly, I think these are among the ugliest things I've seen in my life... which works out nicely, since at $4,995 a pair, they weren't making their way into my closet in this lifetime anyway.

But seeing these animal paw shoes on the pages of one of the weekly tabloids recently reminded me of my similar reaction to seeing graphic hoofs and paws at the base of some otherwise pretty fab furniture....

Is it me?  Why do these pieces gross me out so much?  Paws, claws, and hooves have been used as table feet for ages, but there's something about the graphic/literal nature of these pieces, legs included, that isn't working for me.

Myra Hoefer

Celery Kemble in Lonny

 Drum and Company, $1800

These pieces were likely inspired by the iconic John Dickinson plaster tables.  (If you watched Million Dollar Decorators, you might remember Jeffrey Alan Marks and his partner Ross dramatically vying for this Dickinson table at an antique show).  This side table, for some reason, is easier for me to stomach.  It might be because it's a less literal interpretation - you'd feel less like you'd broken off an animals legs for the sake of a funky stool or bench in your home, you know?

Plaster Side Table, $900-$1200

John Dickinson via The Style Saloniste

How do you feel about all the paws and hooves?  Good, bad... indifferent?

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