Friday, January 27, 2012

Chair Envy: Up All Night

Thursday nights are my favorite comedy night, hands down, with an enviable line-up on NBC including 30 Rock and Up All Night.  Have you caught the new sitcom starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett yet?  It's pretty legit - Appelgate's comedic timing is spot on, and Arnett (husband of Amy Poehler   .. imagine the comedic chops of their offspring?) is cute as the exasperated husband/new dad.

I love the family's California mid-century ranch - even though it's not very "me".  Specifically, I'm totally distracted by/obsessed with the family living room chairs...

How awesome is that cheerful but modern upholstery fabric?

MSN's "Get the Look" identifies the chair as the Cara Tall from MGBW....

Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Cara Tall Chair

...and the upholstery fabric as Sunbrella, with links to the following....

Those fabrics, all Calico Corners, are cute and everything, but sooooo not the real deal from the show.  I've looked high and low... does anyone recognize the fabric from the Up All Night chairs?

Have a great weekend,


  1. It's a Waverly fabric! I just left a sample of it with a client yesterday so I don't have the pattern name in front of me, but I've noticed the chairs on that show before and it's definitely Waverly. Hope that helps!

  2. "A New Twist on Seaweed" by Waverly