Thursday, January 5, 2012

Disco Ball Chic

Yesterday while sourcing lighting for a client, I came across the coolest lighting fixture.  Turns out it's headed to the home of a well known interior designer (who shall remain nameless, since I snuck this shot and can't imagine he/she would appreciate me spilling the lighting beans on his/her personal pad!).

The fixture served as a veritable disco ball at a club/dance hall in the Adirondacks, of all places!  I say "veritable" because this piece was so ahead of its time, that it actually predated the disco era by a good half century.  The designer who owns it is gifted enough to use it flawlessly in whatever design he/she comes up with.

And how about the rest of us?  Could we work a disco ball into our (undoubtedly more humble) digs?  

They look particularly striking against a black wall or ceiling, similar to what you'd expect at a dance club...

Though on the other hand, the suspended disco balls provide an unexpected but more subtle detailing against a backdrop of white minimalism.

Looking for something decorative for your fireplace?

Or just something to trip on while you're busy gazing at your awesome gallery wall? 

Maybe this would encourage my youngest to try on the potty more regularly...

Have a great day,


  1. that light fixture is total hotness!

    I love using the dico balls in different ways like you showed here, the ones in the fireplace and on the landing of the stairs are so cool!

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