Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Golden Age of Train Travel!

I LOVE when old, beautiful buildings are restored to their original grandeur - especially civic spaces.  I worked next door to Grand Central Station when it was being restored in the mid '90's and I was amazed on a daily basis. When pieces of scaffolding came down people would just stand in awe - and yes, I was one of those gawkers. Perhaps I am just a romantic fool, but when you set foot inside one of these amazingly restored buildings, it is like stepping back in time.  So much so that you barely notice when other people are bumping into to you to catch the next train! 

The latest to be added to the "saved" column and restored is the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.  This beautiful Beaux-Arts-style building has been brought back to life by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners—the firm behind masterful restorations at Grand Central Terminal.

I hear that Penn Station is up next and can't wait to see what they do, given the original iconic Penn Station was torn down in the '60's!

Can you imagine tearing that down and replacing it with this?

Yeah - they got that right... not.

- Becky

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