Thursday, February 2, 2012

Look for Less: The New Pottery Barn Catalog

To be honest, I usually throw the Pottery Barn catalog in the recycling bin (along with the majority of my 1st graders school work, and then pretend it was some kid of horrible mistake if I get busted) without flipping through it.  

The other day, I thought I'd see what's new at Pottery Barn, and was interested to see a couple of copies, or "interpretations" as they like to say, of some pretty great pieces!  Of course, there's nothing like the real deal, and quite frankly there is no comparing the quality of a Pottery Barn piece to the quality of a Hickory Chair piece.  But, alas, money doesn't grow on trees, and there's something to be said of the accessibility of Pottery Barn and these pieces!

Regina Andrew Scalloped Bead Chandelier, $1247

Pottery Barn Sabine Spindle Arm Chair, $799

Hickory Chair Spool Chair, Priceless! (ie a lot more than the Pottery Barn one)

Have you found anything great at one of the big furniture chains lately?

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