Monday, March 19, 2012

Lighting in Agate

Of all the "market" picks from this month's Lonny Magazine, I found the Eclipse Agate Chandelier to be the most compelling.  Mind you, I'd be unlikely to ever actually own it, and the spikes scare me a bit (better be sure that sucker's installed properly before unsuspecting Aunt Agnes is impaled during Thanksgiving dinner), but I love that it throws a vibe that is simultaneously sleek and graceful.  

It comes in a sconce, too!  Wouldn't these be perfect in a bachelor pad?

I've been noticing agate lighting cropping up quite a bit here and there, including in homes touched by Kate Walsh and Nate Berkus...

1st Dibs features a pretty hot pair of Willy Daro bronze and agate lamps...

...though I think I prefer my agate in more subtle tones...

Not quite ready to dive in?  You could ease in with an agate finial from etsy seller Vntage Queen.

The effect is stunning when the agate itself is lit...

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. girls, i LOOOVVVEEEEE these crystal decorations! the other benefit of decorating with crystals, besides the fact that they're beautiful, is that they have healing power. agate comes in all different colors, each with its own healing characteristic - i.e., moss agate (a greenish color) helps clear up skin infections. true story! cool, huh? xoxoxox