Friday, May 4, 2012

Daily Dress - Inspiration!

It really pays to turn the big 4-0!!

I am such a lucky lady to be the recipient of a gift certificate of time with Francesca Collina who recently started a company called Daily Dress.  If you haven't heard, Daily Dress provides style consulting, wardrobe organizing and personal shopping. Hallelujah!!!!

It's so nice to have wonderful friends that can read your or a listen to you complain and whine;) Admittedly I have been slacking on the wardrobe front lately.  It has taken me many months, but I recently lost what can no longer be called "baby weight" ("baby" is turning 3 years old this month people!!!).  But I digress. Anyway, my clothes don't fit, my closet is a mess and I am too busy to deal with it.  I can't wait for my time with Francesca to whip my closet into shape, but in the meantime, I have been dreaming of closets. Well organized and beautiful closets...not to mention the goodies that they house!! 


Too bad my closet is the size of a shoe box!  Oh well... a girl can dream!!

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