Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Flushmount Hero: Alexa Hampton

As I mentioned yesterday, a highlight of Blogfest for me was getting to hear Alexa Hampton wax hilarious about her life in the design field.

I especially enjoyed hearing her describe her "Aha!" moment, soaking in the tub pregnant with twins (been there, done that) when the lighting gods instructed her to evacuate immediately to solve the nipple flush mount crisis...

Sketches were completed, calls were made, and we all benefitted from Ms. Hampton's instinct to design the only decent flush mounts (for Visual Comfort) on the market right now!

Thank you Alexa Hampton!

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  1. Restoration Hardware offers a few decent, non-nipple-esque flushmounts, too. I just ordered a couple of "Barton" flushmounts from RH this morning.

  2. She really does make a flush mount fixture look amazing- so long boob light, hello amazing!

  3. Lol! Awesome post. I remember the first time I realized those flush mounts look like boobies was after my parents renovated and my husband and I were laying in the new bed in the new room and we just started cracking up. This post is hysterical!! I wish I could've been at blogfest!! It must have been amazing!