Monday, June 4, 2012

My Kitchen's Having a Meltdown...

...and I'm not far behind.  Last week one dishwasher and faucet crashed, and this weekend the other dishwasher (I know, I know what am I b@#ching about, I have two dishwashers) and second sink clogged and backed up and flooded the kitchen (following a basement flood last week).  I'm more than happy to humbly wash my dishes by hand, but I have one sink with working water and no drain, and a second sink with no water, but it drains.  This all equals me washing dishes by bringing water from one sink across the kitchen to the other sink where the dishes and drain are, then carrying them all to the bathroom sink to rinse.  

Throw in a busted garbage compactor that won't open and a few loose floor tiles from all the water, and there you have it my friends.  I'm dreaming of a new kitchen, or at least a seriously revamped one.  My ideals?  Hardwood floors, white or off-white cabinetry, and some seriously awesome pendant lighting.  Kind of like this....

Hope your weekend went more smoothly than mine....

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  1. I feel your pain. Last week, a custom shelving unit in our dining room closet exploded off the wall, along with everything on it. And we were off to Ikea for a Billy bookcase to replace it. Sigh.