Monday, September 10, 2012

Brimfield...or Bust?

So you may have seen the posting on our Facebook page that I went to Brimfield on Friday. If you aren't familiar with Brimfield, it is one of the largest outdoor antique markets in the country that takes place 3 times a year.  It stretches about a mile long with dealers on either side of the highway stretching back at least the length of a football field, if not two.

Being that it is only about an hour drive from Boston, we usually try to get there to see what's happening. And I am sad to say that during this past excursion, it just wasn't "happening".  The show was very busy and route 20 was jammed with cars and people walking, but I thought the overall quality was way down from years past. Now I have to admit, I only got through about a third of the show... maybe I just missed the good stuff. I'd be curious to hear your feedback and see if you shared the same experience.

I did see some fun stuff - or not... Seriously, a couple of these had big SOLD tags on them...

 I saw tons of suitcases... which I think are getting a little tired...

...along with rusty, metal letters...

 ...antique-esque embroidered linens.


These wooden planes are sort of neat and I did see a bunch of old tools, but how random is that creepy dolly?!?

There were also tons of signs - these could be cool in a funky family room or outside a pool house.

I spied a disturbing amount of old rifles.  These at least looked the part with the Western saddle, which I adored. (Though the English riding boots are totally out of place.)

Giddy-up! (And ditto on the boots.)

These were the scarce few treasures I brought home - an old water pitcher from the Continental Hotel in Washington DC...I had been trying to find a fun water pitcher for ages!

Random small copper pots...seriously, I do have copper in my kitchen, but did I really need to buy these? Not really - I think I was just trying soooo hard to find SOMETHING I could use.

And this adorable "set" of 12 cream soup spoons that I plan to use during the holidays.

Anyway, if you are interested in checking Brimfield out for yourself, here are the 2013 dates: May 14-19, July 9-14, September 3-8.

Happy Hunting!
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  1. I agree. I went Saturday, but agree with you. I was there in May, and last year in May and September and feel like prices are higher and the goods were the same. It's harder to find the needle in the haystack - that one-of-a-kind unique item, but I also feel like product development teams get on those fields and we see reproductions in catalogs months later! I like that Continental pitcher you found....esp. because my family is in D.C.

  2. I missed it this time around, but I was there in May. I found a few cool items including a bamboo wine rack I redid- check it out :) I do love your water pitcher- very cool.