Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kitchen Renovation!

I'm so so grateful and excited to finally embark on the kitchen renovation I've been hoping for over the course of the last four years, since we moved into our "new" (ancient) home....

Thanks to the Wellbuilt Company, we are officially underway...

The dumpster dropped first thing this morning - and even it couldn't have been prepared for the nasty floor and backsplash tile it was about to accept.

Here's a "before" picture of the kitchen, from when we bought in 2008.

Mercifully, I was able to make some quick cosmetic changes, including switching out the wallpaper, valances, and lighting... you know, so I could live with myself.

The improvements made a huge difference and held me off for a while, but... it's time to really get down to it and change out the flooring, backsplash, appliances, faucets, hardware and cabinet finish.  Fortunately, Todd and the team at Well Built were willing to take on the project with virtually no notice.  And they're more than qualified, as you'll see by checking out their impeccable portfolio here.

Nothing could have been more gratifying than seeing this tile destroyed... 

The sign of an awesome contractor?  He'll fulfill your request to bubble wrap your.... wallpaper.  And not make you feel like a jackass for asking.

Bye bye mudroom brick - hello hardware floor!

Special thanks to WellBuilt and Carole Kitchen for their help in transforming the space on the drop of a dime (actually there's a few dimes flying around here, but I know it will worth the investment)!  Can't wait to show you the finished product!


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